MBIS. MBISS. GCHS. Blossomhil's Hello Dolly
Dolly began her show career at six months.  She was a bundle of personality and joy and captured the hearts of the judges from the onset.  One time, she was wagging her tail so hard that she almost fell off the ramp.  Her handler, Mike Stone, would stack her on the ramp, and when he let go of the tail it would wag from side to side while still holding her stack. 
Dolly won the Breed from the classes many times as a puppy and received group placements.  She finished her championship early on and followed her sister Violet as a special.  In her fourth show as a special, she was awarded Best in Show.  Though just beginning her specials career, she exhibited the poise of a much more seasoned dog.  Her exuberance and happiness in the ring was  evident and she was often a crowd favorite.  She continued her success winning multiple Best In Shows, multiple Best in Specialties and multiple Group Winner.  She made history in 2012 by following in her sister’s footsteps winning the Breed at the BHCA National Specialty..  To my knowledge, no other littermates have won the breed at the Nationals. ​
Dolly has beautiful reach and drive and is very balanced.  She is very athletic and is a wonderful mother to her puppies.  Dolly enjoyed success at all levels of competition,  All Breed, Nationals and Specialty shows.  She has a splendid personality.  On a walk when she was young, we encountered a doe and fawn.  The fawn trotted down to Dolly and they played for over 45 minutes.  They lay down next to each other for 20 minutes.  The doe began to call her baby so Dolly and I began to go home.  Lo and behold the little fawn was right beside us.  Dolly and I returned to where the doe was standing and the little fawn trotted away.  In September 0f 2014, I was walking Dolly and this beautiful doe came running towards us.  Dolly knew instantly that it was her friend and they began to play. 
Dolly retired in February of 2013 and was bred to GCH Topsfield Maredge Earl Grey and had 11 puppies.  Her litter all have her winning personality and happy disposition and will be following in her footsteps.  We look forward to her showing as a veteran.
  1. Best In Specialty Show
  2. Dolly and Mike
  3. Best In Show
  4. Best of Opposite Sex - WKC
  5. Best In Show
  6. Dolly
  7. Dolly
  8. Best of Breed National Specialty Winner
  9. Hound Group One
  10. Hound Group One
  11. Hound Group One
  12. Best of Breed
  13. Dolly
  14. Dolly
  15. Dolly portrait
  16. Best In Show
  17. Dolly
  18. Best In Show
  • Bred & Owned by:  Sukey Shor
  • Sire: CH. Topsfield-Cloverhill Buggybumpers ROM
  • Dam: CH. Rebec's Kiss Me Kate ROM
  • DOB: 5/17/2007
Dam Of:
  • Magpie
  • Billy
  • Pippi
  • Annabelle
  • Poppy
  • Dewey
  • Briggs
  • Annie
  • Millie
  • Zinnia
Notable Wins:
  • #1 Basset Hound bitch in 2011 Breed & All-Breed
  • #2 Basset Hound Bitch in Breed 2012 & #2 in All-Breed
  • 2012 BHCA National Specialty Breed winner
  • 2012 Westminster Best of Opposite Sex
  • 2012 Eukanuba's Best of Breed winner
  • Multiple Bests In Show winner​
  • Multiple Bests In Specialty Show winner
  • Multiple Hound Group winner